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What are Printables?

13 Nov What are Printables?

When I started my company I had numerous people ask me “what are printables?”. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how they work, where to print them, etc. So I thought I would do a blog post all about printables and hopefully answer some of those questions.

First, a printable is a digital file. You normally get a PDF and  JPG file that you can immediately download when you purchase the printable. So what does that mean? It means:

—You now possess 2 files that you can keep…forever. So if you want to print your printable now, then again in 20 years, you can. As long as you keep the file, it’s yours to use as many times as you want.

—You can print as many prints as you want (within reason). Most shops ask that you not abuse this, but if you want to print a copy for yourself and a few to give as gifts, that’s okay. For my shop, I just ask that you don’t sell my designs. I think that’s pretty fair 😉 I just had a friend purchase a year’s worth of subway art from me ($25 for 12 printables), then get multiple copies made to give out as gifts for Christmas. Then she went to Marshalls or TJ Maxx and bought some $5 frames and had some awesome Christmas gifts all ready. Pretty smart.

november frame

—If you get a PDF file, you can scale it as big as you want without losing ANY resolution. Most of my printables come with PDF files and so you can take them to a printer and have them printed at a poster size and they will come out clear. Awesome, right?!

alphabet version one frame nursery decor print childrens artwork abc printable illustrated alphabet

Now, the big one – PRINTING. What if you don’t have a great printer? Where can you go to get your file printed? Well you have a couple options.

—Print it at home. Most of your printers have a print setting that you can switch from GOOD to BEST. It’s usually under “Printer”. Go out and buy white cardstock (it’s cheap) at an Office Depot, Target, Walmart, etc. Then load up your printer and go to town. If you want to make a few little prints to stick in a card for friends, set your scale size to 50% when you print and you have cute little prints you can cut out and put into cards.

—Go to a printer. I personally love Fedex/Kinkos. They do a great job and their prints are only about $1.50 a sheet. You just need to put the file on a thumb drive OR burn it on a cd and bring it in to them. They will usually print it right in front of you. And be picky, if the color doesn’t look right, ask them to print it on a different machine. Other options are Kwik Kopy or a local printer in your area.

—Order it online. Most shops on Etsy offer printing options if you don’t want to worry about getting it printed yourself. For my shop, you don’t have to buy the digital print too, you just need to buy the printed option and tell me which design you want. If you buy more than one print you can combine shipping.


So that’s it. Hopefully that helps to answer some of your questions and show you that printables are SUCH a great option! It’s a good way to get real art into your home for cheap – that’s why I love it. Have more questions – ask away! 🙂

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