Cobblestone Studio | About Me
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About Me

Hi I’m Betsy!

I am a full-fledged design magazine addict. The problem is, my wallet is not equipped to handle most of the enormous price tags attached to the gorgeous pieces and beautiful rooms I find. I’ve worked hard to find ways to get the designer looks i’m going for without having an endless supply of money. I believe we all deserve to live in an environment that inspires us and brings us joy, and finding ways to achieve that for myself and others is my true passion.


A little bit about myself: I have a degree in Art/Graphic Design, and I would say my love is split pretty equally between fine art and the computer. I love the smell of fresh paint on canvas but also think there is nothing more beautiful than a solo ampersand surrounded by whitespace. I’m a mom of two rambunctious little kiddos who keep me on my toes. my husband is my best friend, and we laugh a lot in our home, life is too short not to. My faith is most important to me, and i believe above all else in love no matter what. and kindness. love always wins. i’m a big advocate for mental health and addiction awareness. i think there are lot of people out there hurting and they are afraid to get help. if that’s you and you are reading this, know that i see you, friend. deep breath, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. i drink way too much coffee for my own good and sing in the shower. thrift stores are my disneyland and my secret weapons are vinyl and paint pens (more on that later). it’s nice to meet you!


Here are some of my adventures, I hope they bring you inspiration for your own home!